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While our marketing expertise is a proven constant, your marketing investment is an ongoing element that needs to be examined periodically to make sure it is keeping up with today’s ever-changing needs.

We provide business-to-business marketing for clients who sell products and services to other businesses. We look at what you are doing now and what your business marketing plan is.

Our business marketing consulting services include the areas of Photography, Branding, Expo Marketing, Marketing Materials, Literature and Websites.

Photography: Are your photos current? Make sure you stay on top of this so you don’t miss capturing an image of something you produced that has been shipped. We can help.

Expo Marketing: Do you have an exhibit booth? Is it current? Do you need some help?

Marketing Materials and Literature: If you plan to exhibit at a show you should have a handout or handout/mailer. Customers and potential customers should be contacted before the show.

Website: Is your website current? Your show should be featured on your website.

Your business marketing plan should include all of these services.

We can help you with this.

Meadows Marketing, Inc.

When you are ready to explore ways to improve your company’s image and generate greater revenue, you can benefit from our services.

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