Company Literature

The most challenging part of producing new literature is defining what to produce.

Literature is a great way of advertising your products and services. There are so many options available to you: brochures, catalogs, catalog sheets, posters, post cards, tri-folds, multi-pagers and more.

Collect literature from competitors and also from other companies just because you like the look and feel of them. What is it that you like about them? What don’t you like about other literature you have collected?

A better approach is to examine your new literature from the standpoint of its use. That could be handouts for trade shows, personal presentations, mailings, and more. Once the use is defined, we need to look at content. If the literature will be a handout for a trade show, the message portrayed will be entirely different than a company image brochure. Likewise, if the literature is intended for mailings, the content may be different than a piece that will be presented personally.

Regarding photo images:  we can work with yours, or we can provide both location photography and studio photography to get the images you need. The images can also be used for your internet marketing and may be displayed on your exhibit booth for trade shows.

We offer design services and can provide turn-key literature production from preliminary designs to the proofs, printing and even mailing.

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